Addressing The Common Integration Issues System Integrators Face In UAE

Every new technology comes with a set of ifs and buts with it. It leaves many of you customers wondering why is that the case in the first place. After all, each security integrator in dubai is going to be offering you technologies and facilities that you were looking for then why you feel surprised? This can be for several reasons.

Integration Is Difficult – Handle With Care

First, you, like many other businesses in the town may have very limited if any knowledge about system integrators. Well, if that’s the case, know that a system integrator is a professional outfit that is going to help you integrate technologies and subsystems into one big central security solution. It is something big and you cannot trust any random company for doing it. The reason is simple – not any random company will be able to offer the type of integration service that you had in mind. Also, the security system as well as its subsystems are all important but at the same time they may be protected by proprietary codes. This is the case with most security solutions available in the market today. The reason for keeping them protected with codes is simple – no security system provider would want some third party to access the system.

Avoid Toying Around With The System

Breaking the code may not be easy and shouldn’t be attempted at any cost. If you or some other third party integrator tried breaking it, the system may go into failsafe or standby mode and may not come online until addressed by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Imagine the embarrassment you might have to face in that case. Also, you may run into trouble for tweaking with the system without permission. The encryption code may not permit you to use other integrators as without accessing the security code they may not be able to integrate other subsystems. In essence, this is the end of the road for the third party integrator if you hired one already. To avoid this, you need to hire the integrator which is registered and recommended by the OEM provider.


Every security system requires to download updates from time to time. Accessing the main cloud server to download latest software and patches to enable more functionality and enhancements to the system is a must. By sticking to authorized integrators, your system will not only remain up to date and protected, but it will also offer better functionality.

Due to these reasons, it is a must to look for quality security and CCTV installation companies in UAE.